Fall 1996
  Disease Management - Risky Business
by Sandy Lemire
  Have you been exposed to more than you bargained for? Veterinarians and medical physicians have always had a hands-off policy when it comes to crossing the lines of who their patients are. Vets won't treat, diagnose or advise the human participant in their business and reciprocally, the human doctors don't treat, diagnose or advise the animal sector of their patient's lives. That has been an unwritten law for decades. The problem is that disease does not follow the same rules…
  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tool Ergonomics
by Uwe Eickert
  Say Carpal Tunnel syndrome and many of our readers cringe. Either because of the pain they endure or because they are afraid of developing it. Carpal Tunnel syndrome is one of several cumulative trauma disorders that can occur from repeated body motions. It can cripple the body, causing great pain and ending the careers of many Pet Stylists. It is also the most common occupational illness in our industry…
  Handstripping, the Technique
by Pam Lauritzen
  Handstripping: removing hair without breakage or cutting by grasping the hair by its tip between the index finger and thumb, and pulling it out of the hair follicle in either the direction of the "grain of the coat" or in the direction you wish the hair to grow. The technique is a simple one that seems to take an eternity to master…
The Bedlington Terrier
by Loretta Pool, 1996 U.S. Pet Styling Champion
Step by step instruction from Loretta on her Award Winning Trim. This article is designed to instruct the stylist on proper grooming techniques for this breed.
Smart Questions to Ask When Hiring
by Scott Templeton
Ask the right questions, the right way, to select the right employees. Businesses are only as good as their weakest link and if you take that statement one step further, you'll discover that for the small business owner, usually the weakest link lies in their ability to evaluate and hire employees…
  Facts You Should Know about Competing
by Pam Lauritzen
  Winning doesn't happen by accident…it's planned for! The advent of Pet Styling competition within our industry has produced results that have surpassed everyone's expectations. I still remember our industry before seminars and contests began. In those days…
by Melissa Verplank, MPS
  With the busy lifestyles of the 90's, the mobile pet styling trend is here to stay! Since 1983 when I entered into mobile grooming, I have personally witnessed the tremendous growth of the Mobile Pet Stylist. It is a well-documented fact that the service industries lead the way in new business start-ups. With greater than 50% of American households owning pets amidst the busy lifestyles of today and the increased numbers of duel income families, this specialized sector of our service industry will continue to offer exceptional opportunities to the pet care professional…
How to Compete with Superstores and Win
by Michel Raviol
I have approximately 100-200 square feet of unused floor space. How can I make it work for me? When I was first approached to write this column, I was asked to describe how a grooming shop, willing to dedicate a 100-200 sq. ft. area to retailing can make the space profitable…



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