Winter 1998
  Geometrics - Part I, Outlining the Pattern
by Pam Lauritzen
  A revolutionary technique created to help you master balance, symmetry, the usage of focal points and the art of creating ideal images. Part I is a time proven method of defining the shape of the pattern to be placed on the dog…
  The Sporting Trim
by Loretta Marchese
  Easy maintenance and practically designed for clients who live busy fast-paced lives. The Sporting Trim is one of the four accepted show trims recognized by AKC. Simple yet stylish, the Sporting Trim has endured the test of time…
The Lamb Trim
by Annette Quick
The number one favorite of clients and stylists, the lamb trim is practical yet cuddly. The overall length of the coat allows for the correction of breed faults in order to produce a practical yet stylish appearance…
  The Desi
by Liz Paul
  A trim designed for success! This award winning creation produced numerous "Best In Show" wins for this talented stylist. Adapted from the European Show Poodle trims, the Desi was created to introduced a highly stylized pet trim…
The Continental
by Julie Ostoski
As one of the two trims accepted by AKC for Poodles shown over 12 months of age, the Continental is an elegant, sophisticated that requires daily thorough brushing and conditioning to maintain its classy appearance…
  Sculpting the Oster Logo, the True Story
by Christina Pawlosky
  By now most everyone has seen the Oster Poodle ad. My involvement began with a phone call from Oster's Ad Agency. Their question was, "How do we trim the Oster 'O' into a Poodle?"…
  The Chicago Dutch
by Gail Schroll
  Named after the "windy city", this trim has a lot more to offer than just hot air! With coat long enough to be stylish and warm for those cold, windy days, the Chicago Dutch is truly a trim for all seasons…
  Town & Country
by Lynne Carver
  Just as its name suggests, this trim is suitable for a sophisticated yet practical lifestyle. The Town & Country is a spring to fall trim that requires weekly brushing and regular visits to the Professional Stylist to keep its stylish appearance…
  The Swirl
by Kathleen Putman
  Carefree and fancy for those days when ordinary just won't do. Length of the coat can be varied from short for easy maintenance to a long elegant trim…
  The Puppy or "T" Trim
by Karen Tucker
  Two classic trims each designed for show, the Puppy or T trim is adapted for easy maintenance. As one of the AKC recognized show trims, a puppy under one year of age may be show in a Puppy Clip…
  The "Y" Clip
by Kathy Rose
  On many occasions, a little pizzazz is needed to spruce up the lamb trim on the poodle. The "Y" pattern is eye appealing and simple to execute. It offers the client a poodle cut that is short and easy to maintain…
  The Miami Trim
by Melissa Verplank
  The Clown clip, the Bikini, the Ponjola, the Summer clip, the Miami - they are all the same trim. A close cut pattern on the body with bracelets left on the legs…



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