Spring 1997
  A More Natural Look!
by Kathleen Putman
  Using stripping, carding and thinning shear techniques to achieve "a more natural look". Natural looking applies not only to Cockers, but also to many other breeds, especially the sporting dogs and terriers. If fact, if you read between the lines of many breed standards, they expressly state that the dog should be shown in "a natural state, not clipped or sculpted…"
  Clipper Techniques for Harsh Coated Terriers
by Kathleen Putman
  Includes tips and breed diagram with scissoring paths
  Ergonomics - Part II - Scissor Techniques
by Pam Lauritzen
  Too many Pet Stylists suffer neuromuscular injuries to their hands and arm. It costs them time, money and the possible loss of a career. In yesteryears, there were only a few varieties of shears. But with improved technology and a more identifiable Pet Styling market, the shear industry has responded with innovations in engineering and design providing the petcare professional a multitude of choices…
Mobile - Part II - Routing and Scheduling
by Melissa Verplank
One of the unique issues that every mobile stylist faces is that of booking and routing appointments. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this challenge and it is becoming easier with the advancement of technology…
Stress…Are You a Victim?
by Scott Lauritzen
It's 5:30pm, Friday. The phone is ringing, clients are backed up and waiting, dogs barking, one cat is hanging from your arm, five dogs still need to be finished, and Mr. Jones wants his dog NOW! This is stress! Unfortunately, stress becomes a part of everyone's life and business, but the methods you employ to handle negative experiences are crucial to your levels of anxiety…
  Need Cash Anyone?
by Michele Raviol
  As a continuum to the last issue's column, it is important to restate that our pet industry is growing at a very healthy pace…
  Financial Health & Wealth
by James Dowling, CPA, PFS, CFP
  First in a continuing series of articles designed to assist you in your efforts to gain "Financial Health and Wealth". This article focuses on cutting your losses at tax-time…
Bubble Up for '97-The Effects of Water on Skin & Hair
by Pam Lauritzen
Most Pet Stylists are acutely aware of the importance of proper coat preparation in order to create the ideal breed image, but do you understand the effects water content, temperature, pressure and flow has on skin and hair? Canine hair has certain physical characteristics…



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