Vol. 2, Issue 4
  Bichon Frise, the Standard
by Pam Lauritzen
  Known for its whimsical manner and aristocratic ways, the Bichon is a lap dog that expects the world to cater to its every demand. This article is designed to instruct the stylist on proper grooming techniques for this breed.
Styling the Bichon - Step by Step
by Pam Lauritzen and Alan Walker
Trim hair on the outside corner of the eye to give the appearance of round eyes looking forward…
  The Bichon Frise, European Style
by Kitty Dekeersgieter
  Around the world, pet and show trims for the Bichon differ. This style may not necessarily be the best, but it has been greatly influenced by American, Scandinavian, Brazilian and of course, Belgian trends…
  Topical Conditioning of Canine Skin & Coat - Part II, Hair and Cosmetics
by Pam Lauritzen
  Part I of this series, which was featured in Volume 2, Issue 3, covered skin and its reproductive processes combined with an introduction to chemicals and their effects upon skin and hair. Part II, Hair and Cosmetics, explores how products are formulated to perform specific functions…
by Luther Edmonson
Chows are fun loving, devoted and loveable but they tend to be territorial and aloof until you have gained their trust and acceptance. Originally from China where it was used primarily as a hunting dog…
  Three Short Cut Techniques for Lhasas & Other Drop-Coated Breeds
by Kathleen Putman
  Covering step by step the process from bathing and drying, to layer stripping, layer scissoring and clippering. This article is designed to instruct the stylist on proper grooming techniques for these breeds.




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