Vol. 2, Issue 3
CPR - Step by Step
by Sharon Panther
What would you do if an animal under your care and supervision suddenly collapsed? Being prepared for medical emergencies could mean the difference between life and death. Are you and your employees properly trained to handle these types of situations?
Anatomy of a Flea…an itchy dilemma
by Pam Lauritzen - Excerpted from the ISCC Study Guide
Fleas, ticks and mites are not just a problem for dogs and their owners, they present one of the greatest bio-chemical hazards within our industry. If the goal is to eradicate the flea or tick, the task will not be an easy one…
What Every Pet Stylist should know about Bathing & Drying Dogs
by Pam Lauritzen
The effects of water and air on canine skin and coat. The preservation of healthy canine skin and coat begins with responsible, expert brushing and bathing & drying. Before bathing and drying consider…
Topical Conditioning of Canine Skin & Coat - Part I
by Pam Lauritzen
To properly use products, you must first understand their effects on a dog's skin and coat. Since the first step to successfully styling a dog's coat is dependent upon the condition of its skin and hair…
Eyes, Ears, and Anal Glands
by Dr. Molly Linscott, DVM
Pet Stylists and veterinarians share the same concern - to help pets look and feel healthier and happier. In doing so, they must reach an agreement as to what should be done with ears, eyes and anal glands…
Practical Application of Bathing & Drying Techniques
by Kathleen Putman
Anyone can wash a dog right? Of course it's not difficult, but how you handle the coat during the bathing and drying process will make a big difference in the outcome of the finished product. In fact, proper bathing and drying techniques will save you time and effort while making the pets look even better…
Do You Know What is in Your Shampoo?
by Ally Mizel, owner of E-Z Groom
There are hundreds of chemists who formulate personal care products for humans, however, there are only a few that specialize in pet products…
First Aid for Dogs and Cats
by Pam Lauritzen - Excerpted from the ISCC Study Guide
When in business, taking anything for granted is just asking for trouble and inevitably the unexpected can happen. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation and having the proper first aid skills can make the difference…
Are You Killing the Fleas or You?
by Pam Lauritzen
Is there such a thing as a safe insecticide? When using pesticides ask yourself these questions...



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