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Do I have to be an ISCC member to purchase products or services from this site?
A: No. Anyone can purchase products or services from this site however ISCC members do receive discounts.
Q: How long after I place my order will it take to receive my purchased item(s)?
A: Shipments are usually standard ground U.S. mail and take approximately 4-10 business days for delivery in the US and Canada or 8-12 business days outside the US. If you would like to arrange for a different level or form of shipping, please contact our customer service department at


What type of product guarantee do you have?
A: (& its parent company Pam Lauritzen & Co.) will accept returns within 30 days of original purchase date. Please read our return policy for important details.
Q. What forms of payment does accept?
A. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
Q. Will sell my personal information to outside marketing firms or other companies within the industry?
A. All personal information entered by you will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be sold in part or whole to any outside marketing firm or company within the industry. will keep track of the pages on our site most frequently visited but will use this information for itís own private use and each user will retain their anonymity.
Q. I am experiencing technical problems with your site, what should I do?
A. Please contact you Internet providerís technical support line. Your provider should be able to help step you through any problems you might be experiencing with our site.
Q. Why are the articles on the For Pet Owners page free, while the ones offered on the PetStylist Magazine page are not?
A. The For Pet Owners articles are intended for the general public and pet owners and are designed to be informative and/or entertaining. Articles offered on the PetStylist Magazine page are from the magazine itself and are educational in content. These articles are professional grade, industry specific, written by the top professionals in the industry.


Q: How do I join?
A. All petcare professionals and students are invited to join. Click on the ISCC link to access the ISCC page to join on line and read about the Benefits of Becoming a Member. If you have an existing membership, you can renew it on-line as well. Once your application has been submitted, it will be processed and your membership packet will be sent to you within 2-4 weeks.
Q. Iím interested in certification, would the ISCC program be right for me?
A. Absolutely! ISCC is the only program that provides multilevel educational and certification opportunities. Whether you are a bather/dryer, groomer or pet stylist ISCC is the right choice for all individuals seeking to further their careers. For more information on our Certification programs, please visit our Certification page.
Q. Do I have to travel to get certified?
A. Written examinations can be taken in your hometown through a local approved proctor. However, the practical examinations require the presence of a trained and approved ISCC Certifier and some travel may be required. Practical exams can be scheduled with the ISCC office and every effort is made to find a location and time that is convenient for your schedule and finances.
Q. How long does the certification process take?
A. That depends on you. ISCCís certification program is multilevel to accommodate professional growth. Since each individualís aspirations, goals and schedules vary, no time limits have been set for completion of each program.
Q. Iím not interested in certifying, why should I join?
A. The primary purpose of ISCC is the advancement and education of the petcare professional. ISCC educational products and programs are considered to be ahead of their time and are heralded as the finest the industry has to offer. Another advantage of membership is our network of industry professionals and leaders. Through membership, you can connect with experts and top stylists willing to share years of experience and expertise. For more information of Benefits of Becoming a Member, please visit our ISCC page.
Q. I love your magazine. When will the new issue be available?
A. PetStylist Magazine is no longer published. Back issues are available in limited quantities - visit our Magazine page to order. New educational products are being developed currently so please check our website for updates.



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